TNSTEP Unveils New Transition Guides


WAZE Transition to Adulthood Guides image

TNSTEP has rolled out four new easy-to-use Transition Guides. These one-page guides feature information on diploma options, supported decision-making, tips for making a transition plan more effective, and post-secondary services and resources for youth with disabilities. The guides were developed collaboratively with TNSTEP and PEATC (Virginia’s Parent Training and Information Center) under a Rehabilitation Service Administration (RSA) grant from the US Department of Education. This grant focuses on the transition of students with disabilities from high school to post-secondary education, employment, and independent living. PEATC, the Region B1 RSA Parent Center, collaborates with parent training centers and other disability organizations throughout the six-state region that includes Virginia, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee.

Click on the links below to view and download these free resources. Each topic will help youth with disabilities navigate and better understand the transition to adulthood and life after high school.

For assistance with transition service in Tennessee, contact Joey Ellis, Director of Youth Services  [email protected].

As always, please feel free to reach out to one of our Regional Directors or the main TNSTEP office if you have questions.

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