TNSTEP U is like a university because it gives you lots of information about special education and provides various learning ways. We wanted to emphasize the “U” because this is all for U – youth and families that experience disabilities.  We know, from working with children with disabilities, that having the correct information can help you speak up for the education your child needs.

We also know that navigating the special education process can be complicated. So, our goal is to bring you BIG information in small packages, well…videos, so you can become an expert advocate for yourself or someone you love.

We’ll talk about special education laws, strategies for success, hot-button topics and issues, and everything else you might need.

Our videos and materials are free to everyone, and there’s no homework or tests. Only empowering information at your fingertips when you’re ready for it.

We’re bringing our TNSTEP U series to Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and It’s our mission and honor to support YOU, and we look forward to learning together through TNSTEP U.


Post-Secondary Options – Transitioning from High School to Adulthood