Direct Contacts

TNSTEP Contacts

Executive Director

Name: Karen Harrison
Phone: (423) 639-0125 ext. 202 or
Phone:  (423) 639-8802
Email: [email protected]

Data, Research, and Information Coordinator

Name: Lisa Morelock Gosnell
Phone: (423) 639-0125 ext. 203 or
Phone:  (423) 638-3619
Email: [email protected]

Business and Personnel Manager

Name: Donna Jennings
Phone: (423) 639-0125 ext. 201 or
Phone:  (423) 639-7873
Email: [email protected]

Juvenile Justice and Civil Rights Consultant

Name: Derek Flake

Director of Communications

Name: Stephanie Willis
Email: [email protected]

Director of Development

Name: Tanya Willis
Email: [email protected]

TNSTEP Regional Contacts


Director of East TN Services

Phone: (423) 639-0125 ext. 204 or
Phone: (423) 638-5819
Email: [email protected]

Bilingual Community Outreach and Education Specialist

Name: Dorca Rose Guayurpa
Phone: (423) 639-0125 ext. 206 or
Phone: (423) 639-6124
Email: [email protected]


Director of Middle TN Services and Multicultural Liaison

Name: Patricia Valladares
Phone: (615) 463-2310
Email: [email protected]

Director of Youth Services

Name: Joey Ellis
Phone: (615) 682-3120
Email: [email protected]


Director of West TN Services

Name: Katherine Williams
Phone: (901) 763-6022
Email: [email protected]

West TN Family and Youth Education Specialist

Name: Bernadette Gray
Phone: (901) 726-4334
Email: [email protected]