Summer and ADHD: A Survival Guide

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School’s out, but children still need support and structure to thrive during the coronavirus crisis

There’s never been a summer vacation like this one. With school finally ending, there’s uncertainty around everything from vacations (Is it safe to go?) to camp (Is it happening?) to just going to the park (Don’t forget your mask!).

After the stress and exhaustion of the past few months, it’s tempting to imagine the coming summer stretching out, plan-less, letting kids go unscheduled, unmanaged, running on Fortnite, and ice cream.

But for kids with ADHD — and their parents — the combination of long summer days and lack of structure can turn would-be relaxation into chaos and frustration. Here are some suggestions to help kids with ADHD have a fun, safe, relaxing break.  Click here to read more.