Summer Activities for Kids With Learning Disorders

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How to keep kids active and engaged

As we head into a very unusual summer, many parents — especially parents of kids with learning disorders — are wondering how to help their kids make the most of all this free time. With many camps and other standard summer activities off the table, how can kids continue to learn, grow, and prepare for school in the fall?

Kids with learning disorders, ADHD, or language difficulties are particularly vulnerable to what we call “the summer slide.” That refers to the loss of skills that a lot of kids see in reading and especially math over the summer months. Now, with the coronavirus crisis and the long break from the classroom that most kids have had, it’s even more important to help kids maintain and develop their skills over the summer.

Summer is definitely a time for everyone to loosen up a bit, but at the same time, parents can use some of the following strategies to help their kids stay on track academically, emotionally, and socially.  Click here to read more.