In Print or Onscreen? Making The Most of Reading With Young Children

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Do you believe that young kids (say, from birth to age five or six) should be firmly rooted in the world of print? Or are you worried you’re depriving children of a valuable opportunity if you deny them access to digital reading?

Parents are torn. Studies from multiple English-speaking countries show the majority of parents continue to prefer print for their toddlers and preschoolers. Yet by nixing digital offerings, mothers and fathers worry their kids will be left behind—in enjoyment, learning, or preparation for primary school, where children might be handed a tablet their first day.

As I thought about the dilemma and read conflicting research, I began asking myself, was the debate missing the point? Just as many adults choose to print for some purposes and digital for others, were there solid arguments for when digital is appropriate for young children and when to stick with print? Sensing the answer was “yes” I began thinking about… food. Click here to read more.