How to Help Kids Deal With Embarrassment

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Don’t minimize their feelings, but do praise them for being resilient.


What You’ll Learn

  • How can we help kids who feel embarrassed?
  • What can parents do to model good coping skills?
  • When should you be concerned about a child who feels embarrassed?

For grown-ups, minor embarrassments are no big deal. But for kids, being embarrassed can be very upsetting. Helping kids build resilience and confidence will make sure they have tools to deal with embarrassment in a healthy way. 

Kids look to parents to see how to behave. When you feel embarrassed, set an example by responding calmly and keeping your cool. This doesn’t mean you should hide embarrassments. Instead, let kids see you handling embarrassing experiences in a reasonable way: “Whew! That was embarrassing! But it was kind of funny, too.” Click here to read more.