Help Your Child Develop Resilience

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We all know it’s been a hard year. Many children have just returned to school grounds for the first time in months. For some children a return to school may mean experiencing bullying. Children may be bullied for many reasons, but especially if their peers perceive them as being different from others. LGBTQI+ youth, youth from a different race, ethnicity, or national origin, and youth with disabilities are at higher risk for being bullied. All students should be able to learn without feeling unwelcome or unsafe at school. The U.S. Department of Justice and the Department of Education recently published a Back-To-School Message for Transgender Youth about returning to school. They also have resources to help families know what actions to take when schools fail to respond to bullying and harassment based on race or national origin, LGBTQ harassment, and national origin and immigrant status. Click here to read more.