WAZE to Adulthood: Keeping the End in Mind and Transition Planning & the IEP Training

WAZE to Adulthood Option 2 image
  • February 15, 2022 - 8:00am
  • Online

WAZE to Adulthood will offer a 2-week self-paced online training to help make the transition to adulthood planning easier.

The transition from high school to adulthood for a student with a disability takes planning that involves many steps and many paths. It’s a complex but rewarding journey as you hear about your child’s goals for the future and help them achieve those goals and dreams.

In our 2021 training module, we talked about “Keeping the End In Mind” when figuring out where your child wants to be after high school and planning the steps needed to get there. This year, our training module is Path to Success: Transition Planning and the IEP.

This new, FREE, SELF-PACED training provides information on transition planning and the importance of the Transition IEP in helping students to be successful in future education, employment, and independent living.

It’s not necessary, but if you haven’t already taken the End in Mind training, you may want to start there. Option 2 combines both trainings. If you wish to do Option 1 (only Transition Planning and the IEP), please register for it here: https://waze-option1.eventbrite.com

The course begins the evening of February 15, 2022, and will be open through March 1 at midnight.

This training contains video content, written content, discussion opportunities, and resources.